Recording Video

Quest 2

  • Simple

    1. Go to Settings>Experimental and enable the Advanced Camera Settings toggle
    2. Go to Settings>System>Camera and on the bottom of the list under Experimental you should see the new options:
      • Set the video resolution to 1920x1080px or more and orientation to landscape (unless you are making content for instagram/mobile)
      • Set framerate to 36 FPS or more
      • Set compression to 20 mbps or more
      • Set stabilization to medium
    3. Start the app and then you can start capture by clicking right oculus button while app its running and finding the ‘Start recoding’ button there, then press right oculus button again to get back to the app. You can notice blinking dot in the upper right corner of your display when recording is active. (This dot won’t be visible in the recording.)
    4. You can stop video capture while you are in the app by pressing right oculus button and clicking red ‘Recording’ button. Your captured videos will be in the Oculus\VideoShots directory on your Quest 2 device
  • Advanced (capture world including passthrough)

    This approach require some more work but it will allow you to produce videos including passthrough. You will have to use two methods of capturing at the same time, one for the video and second for the audio.

    1. Capture Quest POV (including passthrough but without audio):

      1. Download and install open source tool for capturing your Quest 2 POV scrcpy
      2. Download and install tool for screen/program capturing i.e. OBS
      3. Connect your Quest 2 to your PC using Oculus Link
      4. Start scrcpy, it should open a new window containing Quest 2 preview. You can try running it with those parameters to achieve 16:9 aspect ratio video .\scrcpy.exe --crop 1600:900:140:460 -m 1600 -b 25M
      5. Set up OBS for capturing the preview from scrcpy
      6. Start recording your video - keep in mind it will not include audio
    2. Capture video with audio (with black passthrough):

      Start recording on your Quest using the capture functionally build-in in the Quest

    3. Put it all together after finishing the capture:

      You will have to put together both of those recordings using video editing software i.e. Resolve. The recording made using scrcpy&OBS will contain video with passthrough and the one made using Quest will have video with black passthrough but with audio. The idea is to use video tracks from each of them to get them in sync and then use video track from the first one with audio from the second one.

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