Navigating Worlds - Controllers

Patchworld has two modes:

  • Play mode - visit and play with content made by our team and our creative community
  • Edit mode - build your own world from scratch, or, edit other users worlds and templates available on the app

Play mode

Designed for anyone that is into music, interactive visuals, or games. In this mode, you can explore interactive music instruments that anyone can play, immersive music videos, recorded performances, and fantasy audiovisual realities.

Edit mode

Designed for patchers of all levels, in this mode, you can create an interactive VR environment by dragging and connecting instruments and visuals, but also give you powerful modular tools for electronic music, synthesis design, and visual control. You can also collaborate, publish and share your worlds and instruments with the rest of the community of players.

Play mode controllers

When you are visiting worlds you will have these basic features available.

Edit mode controllers

While in edit mode, you have more features available in your controllers.