Building Worlds - The Library

The library is your main access point to spawn different items into your world.

While being inside a patch in either Play or Edit mode⁠ you can open the control panel by pressing the ‘B’ button on the right controller or ‘Y’ on left controller. Library is the default tab on which the control panel will open. Pressing either button again will close the control panel.

The library is made of a few parts:

  • Sections - on top, select the different types of building materials for your patch: Devices, Sounds, Venues
  • Categories - on the left, selects the sub-type of items under the same section
  • Item list - in the middle, displays the items in a scroll-able list
  • Info panel - on the right, shows a preview, more info, and options for the selected block
  • Search - on the bottom, shows a keyboard that lets you search across all available items in the library


Here are the four main sections of items you can spawn to your world:

  • Devices - ready-made devices you can use to make music directly without the need to build things from scratch
  • Sounds - audio samples inside of playful bubbles that you can play by hitting or patching with other devices
  • Venues - visual assets to decorate your world


To select a section, category, or item on the list: aim the laser pointer on the tip of your controller at the desired item and click the trigger button or Touch the item with the tip of your controller


Spawning simply means you import an item into your patch, this is the main way to build your worlds and devices. To spawn an item from the library:

  • grab and pull the item from the list itself
  • select the item in the list by touching it with the tip of your controller or by aiming the laser at the item and clicking the trigger button and then on the info panel either grab and pull the item from the preview or click the ‘spawn’ button


To scroll for more content in the item list you can:

  • aim the laser pointer at the list and move the joystick on your controller up or down to scroll from one item to the next.
  • swipe the content by aiming your laser pointer at the list, pressing the trigger button and pulling up or down to swipe through the content.
  • swipe through the content by touching the items on the list and swiping up or down, like you would with a smartphone or tablet.

Search field

On top of the Library there is a search field that you can use to search for objects in the global directory of the application or within the Project folder of the currently open patch. Touch it with your controller and a keyboard will show up. Use the keyboard to enter the keyword for the object you are looking for. If an object is found it will be displayed on the Library panel.
Keep in mind the search function won’t start until you enter at least two characters into the search field.

User assets

You can also put your own sounds and visual assets into the Library, you can learn where to put them in the Importing Media chapter