Building Worlds - Importing media

Importing media

It is possible to add your own audio and 3D models to use in your world creations, imported media will be available to spawn from the Library. You can import files:

  • Audio files (formats: .wav, .ogg) in mono
  • 3D and 2D visuals files (formats: .mtl, .obj, with .jpg or .png textures)

Visual files will be automatically added to the Venues section of the library, while audio samples will be added to Sounds.

Patch folder structure

PatchWorld content is stored in the following directory:

Quest 2:

  • Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.PatchXRStudio.PatchXR\files\Patch

Inside the Patch folder you will see the following folders:

  • ContentLibrary
  • DownloadedWorlds
  • SavedWorlds

ContentLibrary - is a place for all of the assets you can use in your worlds such as pictures, audio samples etc. Your uploaded assets will be found in the in-app library under the “Custom” sub-category, while assets from other users will be found in “Other”. You can modify the assets of another user and save them by your name. The original asset will be kept without changes, and you can use it in your worlds as it is.

DownloadedWorlds - stores worlds you downloaded from the hub. Doesn’t matter if it is an EP or world created by another user or even by you. If it was downloaded, it comes here. Downloaded worlds are already bundled with assets so they are not using anything from ContentLibrary. But you can put those assets into your library, use them in your worlds, modify them and save your own modifications.

SavedWorlds - is your space. Every time you press the “Save as” button for the world and files come to here. You can see a list of your saved worlds in the hub in the Build tab by the “Drafts” label.

Importing media

  • Go to Patch/ContentLibrary/YourUserID and drop your files in the correct subfolder (meshes, images, sample, etc…) to add them to the Library
  • Supported audio files formats: .wav, .ogg
  • Supported visuals file formats: .mtl, .obj, with .jpg or .png textures.