Building Worlds - Exporting Media

I apologize for adding to the silly rolling feature request,
Is there much chat (I will check the discord soon, I’m sure there is a conversation about this)
A way to cast/output thru a mix of things like a usb-c mixer (stereo or multichannel) from the quest?
Like say an Tx-6 or some DAC.

or a visual export and or control of said world setup for external multi channel surround outputs; OSC, video/projection sources, maybe NDI objects or a virtual camera object?

As I open this ------ Ableton Live PatchOSC House Jam Quick Edit - YouTube

I guess this is more than one ask. just more Exports in the future?

We are working on a PatchOSC device for Ableton that could be used to send control data back and forth.
As for video and audio outputs you could try using scrcpy and sndcpy. There is some info about both of those in this post on discord.